MOTEK was founded in 1994 as a privately held motion capture, animation and visualization studio. 

The early mission of MOTEK focused on the development and implementation of innovative animation and visualization techniques focusing or real time generation of realistic animations.

The company managed project work to ensure growth without the need for venture capital or going public till 1998. In 1997, MOTEK had applied for a research grant to the European commission in order to develop the system now known as CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) This grant was received in 1998 and enabled the development of CAREN's 1st prototype.

The company also received external funding through TWINNING and NPM capital, both Dutch based investment companies.

The 1st production grade CAREN system was sold to the University of Groningen in 2000. Since then many systems have been installed in medical research facilities and hospitals around the world.

Recently, MOTEK's founders have bought back the shares from TWINNING.

Some of MOTEK's innovation landmarks are mentioned below.


1992: First real time optical motion capture system presented at FLANDERS TECHNOLOGY fair, in cooperation with 
Prof. Hans Furnee from the TU Delft. 

1993:First real time full body motion capture presented at Bio-mechanics trade fair in Paris
using the prototype "Primas" system. 

1994: MOTEK opens a motion capture and production studio in Amsterdam The Netherlands. 

1995:First use of full motion capture on location integrated into a live action film production shots in real time during the production of - MORTAL KOMBAT II in Thailand.

1997: MOTEK receives a research grant from the European commission for the CAREN project.

1998:D-flow - The first technology to provide a real time feedback loop between a motion
tracking system and a motion platform. 

1999: UNICA - First web based solution for real time blending of motion capture data. 

2000: MOTEK launches StockMoves, a web based motion capture data library for graphic artists, 
animators, game developers and medical specialists.

2000 - 2002 :
 MOTEK MEDICAL installs 2 CAREN systems in The netherlands, RUG and TU. 

2003 - 2004 : MOTEK MEDICAL installs CAREN systems in Canada, England and Israel.

2005 - 2007 : US army Walter Reed Center, US Navy and Dutch army get CAREN extended and CAREN high end systems. 

2008:   First V-Gait system installed in Singapore. 

2007 - 2009 : US Navy facility in San Diego installs a CAREN extended system. V-Gait system is installed at McGill University in Montreal Canada

2010 - 2011:   Systems installed in Glenrose, Ottawa Univ and Ottawa rehab center, Northern Texas Univ, NNMC, NICOE and others. The technology is further developed to incorporate a wide variety of integrated devices and medical peripheral equipment.


In July 2014, the companies Motek Medical and Force Link merged. The new company, Motekforce Link, combines more than fifteen years of experience in high-quality rehabilitation technologies and real-time feedback, using virtual reality techniques. By joining forces, we have merged our hardware and software expertise into one, allowing us to pave the way forward in rehabilitation technology.